Latest News at Herefordshire Care Homes

Hazelhurst gets planting with Growing Point and our wonderful Gardener Victor

Today's Gardening Club was all about herbs that stimulate our senses through scent and taste. Different herbs were presented and we had to guess what they were by smelling them. We also re-potted our sunflowers, tomatoes and had a look at how the potatoes are coming along. Edith kept us entertained (as usual) by telling us one of her jokes....

Highwell House Hand Hygiene Awareness Day

5th May 2022 was Hand Hygiene Day ???????? During the Crimean War (1853-1856) Florence Nightingale had implemented hand washing and other hygiene practices in British Army hospitals. This was relatively new advice first publicised by a Hungarian doctor called Ignaz Semmelweis in the 1840’s who had observed a dramatic difference it made to death rates on maternity wards. Our own Mums would then continue this advice by asking us to ‘Make sure you wash your hands before coming to the table!’ I can hear my Mum saying it now ???? At Highwell House we continue the pledge to ensure hand washing remains at the top of our priority, that we will teach and educate, and that we will commit to reducing the risk of infection by washing our hands thoroughly, effectively and frequentl

Employee of the month at Dulas Court

Congratulations to our wonderful chef Maggie who took employee of the month For April. Maggie goes above and beyond every day to make amazing food for our residents and is a great team member. Well done Maggie

Herefordshire Care Homes Easter Celebrations

Here is just a few of the wonderful activities the residents of Herefordshire Care Homes have been doing over the Easter Holidays

Special Easter Celebrations at Hazelhurst

Today is not only Easter but it's a very special day for Jean Taylor. Today is her Birthday ...Her son David is here from Thailand to see his Mum and also to have a small wedding ceremony so his Mum can be a part of this very special day. We are honoured that they chose Hazelhurst for this very wonderful occasion. We wish David and his Wife all the very best. It has been a pleasure decorating outdoors for them. Rita Whitehall thank you for the beautiful sugar flowers for the cakes and to Serena Hogben for helping me with the floral arrangements. Thank you Fleur and Shaun, Harley and the rest of the team for making this happen. Thank you Julie G. for making Jean look so fabulous. We all hope that Jean and her family have a wonderful day together. Happy Birthday Jean from all of us at Hazelhurst.