Latest News at Herefordshire Care Homes

Charnwood celebrate "World Photography Day"

So today was a day filled with such fun. We celebrated World Photography Day in true Charnwood fashion. On Monday we will be holding a French Day, so incorporated that into a French photo shoot , which will be transformed into a fun video to present to our residents after their French Fine Dine Experience. It was so wonderful to see residents and staff come together to be part of our day today and I’m sure you will all agree the pics have come out amazingly

Dulas Court give "Dinkey" some fuss after his shampoo and set

This afternoon Dinkey the poney was having a make over, he had a hair cut, a shower, his shoes cleaned by the farrier. Then he came indoors to see all the residents. Dinkey is the Dulas poney and the residents go to see him and our sheep every day. Digestive biscuits are the favourite

Hazelhurst enjoy the Residents BBQ

Despite a few clouds and some raindrops, it's been a great day. The residents have really enjoyed themselves. Thanks to everyone at Hazelhurst for making this happen. We had burgers and sausages with Brioche buns, potato salad, pasta salad a variety of other salads along with homemade Iced Tea, juices and fizzy drinks and afterwards they had champagne jellies and fruits. We also have a sweet trolly for an after BBQ treat.

Highwell House could not go to Spain so Spain came to them

We brought the Costa Del Sol to Bromyard Gemma our student nurse spent her last day on placement with us today. Coming from the Spanish city of Valencia, Gemma is full of fun and vibrancy, we’ll certainly miss her! But we couldn’t let her go without preparing us some authentic tapas and making us some delicious sangria thank you Gemma for cooking all day for us, and to Shona for being your sous chef. Thank you to Les and Chris for the man made beach, everyone loved it! Good luck Gemma in the future, keep in touch. Adios guapa

Hazelhurst Pen Pals

We've been doing our pen pal partners for quite some time now at Hazelhurst. We receive post cards and letters from all across the world regularly. We reply as a group or individually if someone chooses. Edith expressed interest in joining in and chose the person she would like to correspond with. Marshelle from Kentucky who is a missionary who used to visit the UK regularly prior to Covid. Edith thought it was so wonderful and they both are excited to communicate and get to know each other.