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Christmas at Highwell House

It is times like this when we wished you could smell photos.We have been drying fruits, studding pomanders, wrapping cinnamon sticks, star anise ,chillis and making popcorn and cranberry tinsel. Highwell House wanted to create a beautiful rustic and natural feel to our Christmas decorations this year. Everything has been handmade and smells divine

Lisa's Trip to the Hydrotherapy Pool

It was Lisa's turn to go to the hydrotherapy pool this afternoon. I was so proud of her. The icing on the cake was having Daddy there to watch over his daughter with such pride and to constantly splash her too.

Highwell House ‘Sepsis Stars”

Trudi Barnett and Gemma Graham have become Highwell House “Sepsis Stars” they are currently undertaking additional training from the leading UK Sepsis Charity “The UK Sepsis Trust and the Lead Sepsis Nurse from the Wye Valley Trust. We are here to spread the word and and to educate our colleagues. Have a look at the literature around the home and ask any questions you never know it might prompt you to think SEPSIS and potentially save a life.

Willy Celebrates his 100th Birthday

Many congratulations to Willy who has celebrates his 100th Birthday. Willy celebrated in style with family and friends including family who had flown in from Germany especially for the occasion and of course his card from the Queen.