Latest News at Herefordshire Care Homes

Charnwood Surprise Peggy for her Birthday

This afternoon has really shown some strong team work with our lovely residents.... 12 months ago this coming Friday Peggy celebrated her 100th Birthday. In preparation for this we made lots of star mobiles to hang up and surprise her as her favourite song is Catch A Falling Star, by Perry Como. Unfortunately due to the outbreak our plans didn’t quite go to plan, but we kept the mobiles and are going to surprise her this year instead! Everyone pulled together to unfold and spruce them up, as well as making a few more! We will make Peggy’s 101st birthday as special as we possibly can

Dulas Court enjoying the Garden Club

Runner Beans all done and dusted. Sunflowers ready to go in the ground, lettuce Also ready to replant and all herbs behaving nicely .Dulas garden club are very happy today. We are not sure what we are doing but it's all good fun.

Highwell House Tasting Menu Evening

We have created a fabulous tasting menu today . This will give the residents the opportunity to try lots of different dishes, and let us know which ones they’d like us to add to our menu. Some dishes are old favourites with a twist, and others are completely new dishes to try. Watch this space for photos of our tasting banquet later.

Highwell HouseTasting Menu Evening goes down a storm

What a fantastic evening! The tasting menu was a great success.Everybody tried a bit of everything, and we’ve had some really useful feedback on the dishes we served. The fish dishes were certainly amongst the favourites, so we’ll definitely add some more varieties of fresh fish to our Spring/Summer menu .A huge thank you to everyone who was involved in making this evening happen. You really do go above and beyond what is expected of you, and I’m so grateful for all the hard work and enthusiasm that you bring to Highwell every single day.

Coldwells House getting "Crafty"ready for May Day

Residents have been getting "crafty" again and busy getting ready for our May Day celebrations. We really enjoy our arts and crafts sessions at Coldwells. They look great.