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Hazelhurst Nursing Home Residents Receive 1st Vaccine

The residents at Hazelhurst Nursing Home all had their vaccine today. What a wonderful morning ...all went well. Polly and Daisy both at 101 were first in the queue.

Highwell House Residents Receive 1st Vaccine

What a day! All vaccinations given without any hitches. Here is Kay at the remarkable age of 105 receiving her vaccine A huge thank you to every single member of the team for their amazing efforts today. Everything ran like clockwork, and we received a special thanks and recognition from the GP and vaccination team for how smoothly it all went.

Coldwells House Residents Receive 1st Vaccine

An Historical, emotional and wonderful day at Coldwells House today! We are so happy as today finally our residents have received the COVID-19 vaccine. With staff receiving the vaccination last week, we can begin the journey to a new safer normal life for our wonderful amazing residents!

Hazelhurst Christmas Fine Dining

Hazelhurst Chef Darren Merry really knows how to produce real 1st Class fine dining dishes which the residents love. With locally sourced reared meat and fresh vegetables everything looks and tastes amazing. Real Michelin Star cooking.

Herefordshire Care Homes go all out with their Christmas

This year continues to be a challenge, but we are all thoroughly enjoying the festive spirit here at Herefordshire Care Home the residents are certainly having a lovely time.