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Herefordshire Care Homes celebrate Queen Elizabeths Platinum Jubilee

Celebrating the queens 70 years on the throne, all of our residents had a wonderful time of celebrations and events from Garden Parties to BBQ's too activities. Here are some photos of some of the wonderful events that we held over the celebrations Long may Queen Elizabeths reign continue

Highwell House takes a visit to the Seaside

What a fabulous day at Weston Super Mare the sun gods were certainly on our side today! Walking along the sea front and the pier with the spring sun warming our faces, and the sea breeze blowing through our hair, just wonderful It was even more special because Peggy’s daughter Jane drove up from her home in Cornwall to join us, and Cyril’s wife Margaret also joined us for the day Team Highwell thank you for everything a huge team effort to enable this day to run so smoothly. Not just the staff who came to Weston, but the maintenance guys who sorted the vehicles, the night staff who supported residents to be ready for an early breakfast and sorted their medication, the day staff who came in early specifically to help organise everyone so we could be on the road by 9am, and the support staff who ensured everyone had a good breakfast to set us up for the day You are all superheroes

Hazelhurst look at local history and historical objects

Yesterday I went to a charity shop and I saw this very pretty little piece and I picked it up ...then I put it back down....walked away...then went back and looked at it again. I also looked at two books and a voice behind me said "You can have them both for £2.00 if you want them." So I got them....while chatting to this Lady I asked if I could show her something and hopefully she would know what it was. I took her to this item and she said "I know exactly what it is because I brought it in. It belonged to my Aunt who is 96 years old , she isn't very well and I'm going to see her later on" She told me that her Aunt explained to her that you keep sweets in this and after dinner you would go around the room and offer people sweets. I did some research and found out what it is actually used for. The lady asked where my accent was from, which got us talking about family history ...her name was Ann and she said I'll be right back...she brings this book over to me ( Herefordshire Constabulary 1857-1967) and opens it and shows me a photo of her Aunt who owned this item...I asked if the book was for sale and she said yes I have another copy, so I bought it. I got her to hand write her name and relationship to the lady in the book by her photograph.... I'm just chuffed to bits with my little find and it's story. What a lovely lady I met today who shared her story about Emily Selina Phillips and the many things that she cherished and gave to charity. Emily was one of a group of women who were appointed police women in 1947 in Herefordshire. I brought the item in today to show the residents and to see if anyone knew what it was. I can tell you that it's not for sweets. We had a great discussion over this pretty little porcelain item. Can any of you guess what it is?

Charnwood off on a road trip

So this afternoon, thanks to Dulas Court lending us their vehicle and driver once again, It was not only possible to venture out to pastures old, driving through areas that were very familiar to all of our ladies, but also I finally succeeded in achieving a promise made to Betty a few years back, and take her ‘home’ to Kenchurch, which was her family home before marrying and moving away more than 60 years ago! We drove leisurely through the village, stopping at the quaint little church in which Betty was married, before picnicking in the beautiful grounds of Kenchurch Court, a place Betty and her family spent many occasions with her family, and their friends who resided there! We even got to meet the present owner, who Betty remembers being born! It was a very special afternoon for Betty, Mary and Jill who are all good friends living together as part of our Charnwood family thank you to Roger, our chauffeur and photographer on our memorable visit

Dulas Court summer bedding plants and seed growing

Daisy Daisy how does your garden grow, Very nicely thank you. Big thank you to Herefordshire G rowing Point for our lovely surprise parcles Every month, and we would love to see you back at Dulas Court very soon, Like in the next few weeks.