Duke of Edingbrough Girls become solid friends

In 2015 We visited the public hall to share our community vision with Bromyard district Guiding team. Pam Guiver ( Guide leader ) Introduced Ellie MacLeod, Lyra Hancock to Whitegates to undertake the community part of there Baden Powell award. The girls successfully completed this with us and wished to return to complete Their Duke Of Edingbrough award in 2017 joined at this time by Issy ( Dipple) another student from Worcester Grammar school. On completion of their awards, we braced ourselves for a sad goodbye, but we are delighted the girls have never left because they have built up a lasting relationship with some of our residents and have become good solid friends. Typically, the girls always visit on a Thursday evening and often will be found helping out with larger events. The home is always filled with laughter and much joy when they arrive with activities such as nail painting, films and games evenings or trying new cuisine together going on. They also always turn up to celebrate a birthday or two. Thank you girls for all you do