Iris has asked several times over the past few weeks to return home, one last time. She wanted to see the shop, her dad had owned, and she herself had worked in for may years growing up, and before marrying and moving away.
Today Iris got her wish.
She spent time in the morning with the hairdresser, who washed and blow dried her hair, before eating an early lunch and setting off for her childhood home in Blaenavon.
She watched through the window the whole journey, and soon began talking about familiar landmarks as we approached her hometown.
As we entered Broad Street Iris excitedly pointed out her dad’s shop and other places she recognised. She told me she felt overwhelmed to see it all again, however lots had changed since her last visit, which was many years before. She said that she now realised that she didn’t want to see her home, which was called Mount Pleasant House and situated in Cross Street, as it would bring back so many memories and she really didn’t want to cry. She was satisfied to be ‘home’ in Blaenavon, and indeed see the shop that meant so much to her. She declined the offer of being taken into the shop and explained that just seeing it from the bus window was enough for her.