Celebrating Our Homegrown Potato Harvest!

Here at Hazelhurst, we're thrilled to have our very first harvest of potatoes from our very own garden! Earlier this year, with the help of Victor, Jez, and our residents, we embarked on a potato-planting adventure.

Victor, ever the green thumb, chose a variety of early-season potatoes. His keen eye for detail and knowledge of vegetable cultivation proved invaluable, and we're delighted to report that this year's crop has flourished beyond expectations!

Yesterday, with Rob lending a hand, and of course Stanley, we carefully harvested the first bounty of these delicious spuds. Fresh, homegrown, and bursting with flavour, these potatoes have been delivered to our kitchen where our chefs are busy preparing them for the residents to enjoy.

Growing our own food not only provides a sense of accomplishment and connection to our surroundings, but it also allows us to savour the taste of freshness. Looking forward, we're excited to see what other delights our garden has in store for us throughout the season!