This has been an incredible project from the start, and one in which both the residents and staff are loving From sewing the wildflower seeds, to watching the flower border bloom, to welcoming the arrival of our queen and first swarm of bees, to maintaining the health of our hives, to harvesting our first batch of honey and spinning it from the honey frames before finally passing it through muslin cloths and into jars We have collected 18 jars of raw, creamy and delicious honey. We also collected the beeswax, which Jan cleaned and this evening I have made 10 beeswax and lavender tea light they smell amazing, and it’s meant we have used every part of the product and nothing has gone to waste Thank you Les for teaching us, and enabling us to share in this fascinating experience. Hopefully, later in the summer we’ll have another batch ready Michael’s grandson is a graphic designer and is designing the labels for us, and once we have them we’ll label up the jars. If anyone would like a jar of honey, please see Trudi or Sarah, cost is £6 a jar with all profits going to the residents fund