So this afternoon, thanks to Dulas Court lending us their vehicle and driver once again, It was not only possible to venture out to pastures old, driving through areas that were very familiar to all of our ladies, but also I finally succeeded in achieving a promise made to Betty a few years back, and take her ‘home’ to Kenchurch, which was her family home before marrying and moving away more than 60 years ago! We drove leisurely through the village, stopping at the quaint little church in which Betty was married, before picnicking in the beautiful grounds of Kenchurch Court, a place Betty and her family spent many occasions with her family, and their friends who resided there! We even got to meet the present owner, who Betty remembers being born! It was a very special afternoon for Betty, Mary and Jill who are all good friends living together as part of our Charnwood family thank you to Roger, our chauffeur and photographer on our memorable visit