Today is World Mental Health Day 2020 This year, probably more than any before, we really needed to highlight this. 2020 has been challenging for us all, and of course sadly, it has been incredibly difficult for so many. Today we encouraged the residents and staff to talk, to reflect and to share those reflections. Everyone is coping amazingly well, but I know just how hard this year has been. Team Highwell are here for you, for the residents and for each other If you need us, or if we can help in any way no matter how small, reach out and we’ll help. I love the photos of the balloons blowing in the breeze, and of the light shining through the windows. This represents hope. We’re getting through this together, and I’m certain that before you know it we’ll all be together again, and these challenging times will well and truly be behind us. Thank you Dawn for the most delicious cupcakes.