The Farmers Market started out as a small idea, and ended up being the most fantastic display of everything I adore about Team Highwell. I was absolutely blown away by the produce that everyone brought in . We had everything you could think of! Spiced gins, cookies, wonky veg, dog biscuits, jams, chutney, tea light holders, salt scrub, jewellery boxes, lavender bags, wine, cakes, wooden bowls, duck eggs etc all homemade or homegrown, and all brilliant! A huge thank you to everyone for getting involved, all orders were placed via telephone or the facebook page , collections of purchased items were collected form the car park and monies placed in the honesty box. The day exceeded all expectations a big thank you Janet who followed up the event with a delicious Ploughman’s lunch which included gorgeous cottage loaves and special thanks to Dawn for displaying the produce so fabulously also big congratulations to Jess for winning the Chase gin in total we have raised just shy of £300 for the residents activity fund. Roll on Harvest festival where we will be planning another one.