Welcome to Herefordshire Care Homes Group - Quality Care in Stunning Surroundings

Herefordshire Care Homes is a company dedicated to surpassing expectations. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) sets out "The Fundamental Standards" - these are the standards that people should expect to receive from all care homes in England. At Herefordshire Care Homes we exceed these standards in everything we do, and are very proud to have achieved five 'Outstanding' ratings, placing us within the top 1% of care homes in the country. From the moment you step in to any one of our homes it’s easy to see how we aim to do this.

All of the homes are of architectural interest or historic note and have been selected for their individual qualities as well as their suitability for residents to enjoy life in a beautiful environment. So if you are considering care for yourself or a loved one please contact the home you wish to visit and we will ensure that someone can welcome you and answer any questions. You are also welcome to visit at anytime without an appointment.

We place no obligation on any visit to the home and you are free to take as long as you like to make sure you are making the right choice.


In our aim to provide high quality care we never overlook our wider ethical responsibilities and maintain a commitment to sustainable and social responsibility.

We have chosen beautiful locations for our care homes and the services we choose to support our business are chosen to protect our surroundings, minimise our carbon footprint and promote animal and environmental welfare.

CQC Outstanding

Charnwood Country Residence

CQC Outstanding

Highwell House

CQC Outstanding


CQC Outstanding


CQC Outstanding

Coldwells House

CQC Good

Dulas Court

Outstanding Achievements

Great British Care Home Awards winner 2020
Gold Standards Framework
Top 20 Care Homes West Midlands 2017
Top 20 Care Homes West Midlands 2021
Top 20 Care Home Group 2021
Great British Care Home Awards winner 2017
Great British Care Home Awards winner 2018
Great British Care Home Awards winner 2019
Great British Care Home Awards winner 2021
Great British Care Home Awards winner 2020
Gold Standards Framework

Quality Assured Homes

Herefordshire Care Homes aim to consistently provide a service that exceeds the "Fundamental Standards" as established by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). In addition to these legal responsibilities we aim to provide a service that has been developed and planned with the people who live in our homes.

The Groups Quality Manager has worked with us since 2014, was a registered Nurse and previously worked as a compliance officer for the CQC.

The purpose of this position is to ensure that residents consistently receive a quality service in which they are fully involved. This is done by:

  • Meeting with residents and relatives
  • Meeting with staff
  • Analysis of satisfaction surveys
  • Auditing our standards
  • Presenting findings from the audits to the Management Group
  • Production of an annual quality report

Resident Meetings

In order to make a reality of user involvement, we have groups of residents who meet to assist in the planning and delivery of our services. These groups were formed after a consultation exercise asking residents how they would like to be involved. The result of the exercise confirmed that Residents want to be involved with all aspects of service planning from activities and nutrition through to staff recruitment.

 The service provided excellent and innovative person centred care that maintained people's health and wellbeing. Staff supported people to maintain interests and hobbies, promoting people's abilities and skills. 

Care Quality Commission (CQC)