Our Diabetes champion Jinu Anoop has given us a micro teach on the significance of the day and the importance of following the healthy habits to prevent Diabetes, we had a display of essential information to share with staff and residents, we have done a small online assessment for all staff to find out our risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes, and all of our residents, with Diabetes has received a handwritten postcard to support and empower them. We have also took part in #nailingdiabetes challenge by #diabetesuk, in which few of our residents and Jinu's little Angeline has painted their nails to show their love and support to all those who live with Diabetes, yet #nail their Diabetes.
Overall it was a fruitful day!
From what I have learned today, just to share with you all:
WDD is celebrated on 14th November because it's the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting who along with his colleagues discovered INSULIN in 1921. Sir Frederick Banting is unique in being the only Briton to win two Nobel Prizes and the only scientist to win the Nobel prize for Chemistry twice.
We would also suggest yourself, your friends and family to do a simple online tool to find out your risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes. This will help you to plan ahead and make some simple changes to life style.